Cargo Area Protectors & Barriers

Protect your car boot/cargo area & car bumper with our range of protection mats and guards. Ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe travelling in the boot of your car with our range of mats and car barriers.

  • 2 in 1 Bumper & Boot Protection Mat
    The 2 in 1 Boot & Bumper Protection Mat has two functions: 1) Protects the interior floor of your boot from dirt & hair 2) Protects your bumper from scratches, bumps and scrapes from your dogs jumping in/out. The guard also protects your car bumper from bumps and scratches from other items such as golf clubs, suitcases, prams, kids bikes, shopping etc - Hard wearing 600 denier polyester material - Suitable for passenger and 4WD vehicles - Quick & easy to attach with velcro strips - Soft backing fold away bumper protection Our 2 in 1 Boot & Bumper Protection Mat is ideal if you are looking for an economical, long term solution. It's basic, yet effective.
  • The Bumper Guard offers padded protection against scratches, scrapes and sharp claws whilst your dog is jumping in and out of the car. It also creates a surface that is less slippery than your bumper, giving some dogs the extra confidence they need for jumping in and out of the car. The mat also protects your car from bumps and scratches from everyday items such as golf clubs, suitcases, prams, kids bikes, shopping etc - Protect bumper bars from scratches when your dog is jumping in and out of the car or loading items into your boot. - Suitable for passenger cars and 4WD vehicles. - Hard wearing 5mm soft anti-scratch styrene rubber. - Quick and easy to attach via hidden Velcro, it will fix to your boot. Instead of rolling back into your boot, it folds in on itself for added convenience. - Size: 77cm W x 62cm D
  • The Tully Cargo Boot Liners are a universal Fit.  They are used in all types of vehicles ranging from large SUVs to small compact cars. Manufactured to accommodate the largest dogs and the heaviest use. The Tully Boot Liners are built to last.
    • Keeps your rear cargo area free of dirt and dog hair
    • Bottom and side panels are fitted with velcro attachment to reduce slip on the carpet boot floor.
    • Rear panel can be folded out to cover the car bumper when dogs are jumping in and out - this prevents the car being scratched
    • Smooth vinyl covered polyester construction does not attract dog hair making it easier to clean
    • Adjustable front, rear and side makes the Protector suitable for most cars
    • Easy to set up - takes less than two minutes to set the boot liner up
  • Rear Compartment Cargo Cover/Liner for Pets
    • Hard wearing 600 denier waterproof polyester material
    • Ideal protection to rear compartment from wet dogs, dirt, scratches and pet fur
    • Waterproof material with a soft backing
    • Includes slot for safety belt or leash
    • Two storage pockets
    • Easy to tnstall to headrests and velcro strips to secure to floor
    • Suits most 4WDs, SUVs and station wagons
    Dimensions 140cm x 140cm
  • Front Seat Safety Divider for Small Pets. - Easily attaches around headrest by quick lock for secure fit - Easily fits by pushing straps through seat opening and quick locks to secure - Includes two storage pockets for pet supplies - Folds away in supplied bag for quick storage - Suitable for small pets
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    Mikki Dog Window Guard - Expandable Car Vent
    The Mikki Car Vent allows you to keep your car ventilated whilst you’re on the move or when you’ve parked up – great for giving your dog the ventilation he needs. Suitable for most types of car window, this vent fits between the glass and the window frame and is easy to install and remove.
  • Designed to stand up to the most adventurous dogs, this luxury quilted Cargo Liner doesn't just look great, it provides a secure, comfortable padded space for your pet to relax in while you're driving. Features a convenient 60/40 split so you don't need to remove the liner to transport longer items.
  • The Solvit Cargo/Boot Area Net Pet Barrier keeps pets off the seats and in the back, protecting the driver and other passengers and your pet whilst driving. The Solvit patented design uses a "claw proof" micro-mesh material which is actually easier to see through than metal tube-style barriers (due to its small size, the human eye "ignores" the mesh, similar to a window screen). Product Dimensions: 91cm x 56cm
  • Tubular Car Barrier - Adjustable
    The Solvit Deluxe Tubular Car Barrier improves safety by keeping your dog in the back, thus reducing driver distraction. Adjusts from 81-124cm high x 84-144cm wide to fit almost every vehicle. Easy and quick to un-install and re-install.
  • The Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier keeps pets from "inviting" themselves into the front seat, thus reducing driver distraction and increasing safety. The patented design uses a micro-mesh material which improves driver visibility and is guaranteed "claw-proof". The netting is attached to a pop-up wire frame which keeps the net from sagging and makes it a snap to install/uninstall. Product Dimensions: 81cm x 81cm
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    No more soiled upholstery or stained smelly carpet! The Solvit Waterproof SUV Cargo/Boot Liner is made from durable, heavy-gauge polyester material with a fully waterproof backing. Its fully waterproof backing provides extra protection from scratches, dirt, wet dogs and pet hair. Product Dimensions: 127cm W x 178cm L
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    The ultimate vehicle barrier protection for dogs on the move and built to last. Constructed of high grade powdered coated iron and includes kryptonite locking joints. The WalkyGuard Car Barrier is easy to mount and built for professional use. - Fits any vehicle with rear headrests - No head liner or floor mounting required - Requires no tools and will assemble in less than 5 minutes - Features easy adjustable arms designed to fit any interior - Can be used in as a front seat barrier or a rear cargo barrier - Approximate Minimum Size 86cmW x 30.5cmH - Approximate Maximum Extension 142cmW x 45.5cmH