Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots: Step by Step Guide

Dog boots can provide valuable protection for your furry friend's paws, shielding them from hot pavement, rough terrain, ice, and harmful substances. However, some dogs may be resistant to wearing boots initially. With patience, positive reinforcement, and a gradual training approach, you can successfully train your dog to wear dog boots. Here's a step-by-step guide [...]

Train your Dog to Wear Dog Boots: Step by Step Guide2024-06-24T15:32:53+10:00

The Benefits of Dog Boots

Our furry friends rely on their paws for daily activities such as walking, running, and playing. Just as we wear shoes to protect our feet, dogs can also benefit from wearing dog boots. Dog boots are specially designed footwear that offer numerous advantages to our canine companions. From protecting their paws from harsh weather conditions [...]

The Benefits of Dog Boots2024-06-24T14:45:32+10:00

Dog Car Seat Cover Buying Guide… What cover do I need?

Travelling with dogs can be a lot of fun. But inevitably dogs also bring dirt, fur and slobber. For this reason it makes sense for pet owners to protect their cars by using pet car seat covers. Deciding on the right car seat cover for a particular family, dog and vehicle involves a bit of [...]

Dog Car Seat Cover Buying Guide… What cover do I need?2021-09-28T18:55:36+10:00

Dog Booster Car Seats – Comparison & Guide

Keep your pet comfortable, safe and secure while travelling in the car. When it’s time to hit the road with your smaller dogs and cats, Dog Booster Car Seats allow them to see out the window, in comfort, while keeping them safely restrained. The concept of a dog car seat is similar to that of a [...]

Dog Booster Car Seats – Comparison & Guide2023-05-03T11:11:18+10:00

The Best Gear for Pet-Friendly Holidays

Travelling with pets can be challenging, but that’s where we can help. Here at DogCulture, we pride ourselves on providing everything you need to travel safely with your dog. If you’re about to set off with your furry family member, here are a few of our favourite items to help you and your pet have [...]

The Best Gear for Pet-Friendly Holidays2022-11-02T12:38:41+11:00
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