Travelling with dogs can be a lot of fun. But inevitably dogs also bring dirt, fur and slobber. For this reason it makes sense for pet owners to protect their cars by using pet car seat covers. Deciding on the right car seat cover for a particular family, dog and vehicle involves a bit of research first. There are a wide variety of car seat covers that offer a range of benefits for different needs, situations and budgets. This car seat cover buying guide should help with you with the style of cover you are looking for…

Dog Hammocks

Hammocks are car seat covers that hang between the back of the front seat and the front of the back seat, creating a literal hammock in the back of your car. These do triple duty as they protect your seat, keep your dog from falling in the footwell, and help prevent your dog from jumping into the front seat. Some Hammock covers also have zippered raised side flaps that protect your door upholstery from scratches and doggy slobber. Half hammock covers are available if you only want to use half of the back seat, leaving room for child seats and other passengers.

All our Hammock car seat covers have openings to pass the seat belts through so you can use your dog seat belt attachments to secure to your dogs harness. Some hammocks will also let you zip them down the middle so your dogs can share the seat with human passengers.

Bench Car Seat Covers

Bench seat covers will protect your entire back seat, keeping it free of dirt, hair, mud and wet paws. Measure your backseat and compare it to the dimensions for the products you are considering to ensure a good fit. At DogCulture our standard bench seat covers vary between 132-142cm (52-56″) in width, so this is an important consideration. If your bench seat is wider than that, you may want to look at the XLRG SUV Bench Seat Covers which come in extended widths, typically 155cm (61″) wide.

All our bench seat covers have openings to pass the seat belts through, so your car can still be used by human passengers and you can use your dog seat belt attachments to secure to your dogs harness. Openings also allow you to use child car seats.

Front Seat Covers

Front seat covers can work in cars, SUVs and trucks. Most often, these are used in the front passenger seat, but they can also be used anywhere you may have bucket seats, like the middle row of a minivan or SUV. These usually cover the entire seat, bottom and back, just like a glove so you’re completely protected. We strongly recommend you do not travel with a dog in the front seat with airbags.

Car Door Guards

Car door guards extend the protection from your seat to your doors and windows. Dogs like to put their paws up (especially when the window is rolled down) and they can easily scratch your door or leave behind dirt and slobber. Car door guards fit in between your window and door panel, and hang down as a tough, waterproof barrier to complete the protection of your car’s interior. We also have hammock car seat covers with in built door guards.

Cargo Covers/Boot Liners

Cargo Liners are great for dogs that ride in the boot area of your SUV or station wagon. These covers lay flat in your storage area. Some will cover just the floor area and others will have raised sides to protect the whole boot space. There are also bumper guards that fold down over your bumper to help prevent scratches whilst your dog is jumping in and out of the car. They also give your dog more grip and confidence jumping into the boot.

Irregular Car Seat Cover Options

Although our covers are all a universal fit, no cover will be completely universal; there is just too broad an array of vehicles on the market. Especially when you have a seat that has strange armrests, an extra-wide bench, low profile (or no) headrests, or other special features. Your best bet is to check the dimensions given, with those of your car. If in doubt ask us any questions, we can get quite creative with solutions!

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