Keep your pet comfortable, safe and secure while travelling in the car. When it’s time to hit the road with your smaller dogs and cats, Dog Booster Car Seats allow them to see out the window, in comfort, while keeping them safely restrained.

The concept of a dog car seat is similar to that of a booster seat for a child. It allows your animal to sit up a little bit higher to see out of the window while keeping them tethered in the one spot.

Dog car seats come in different styles, but share the same fundamental characteristic; they are secured to the car seat by seat belts, and the animal is then tethered inside the seat.

When choosing the correct size booster seat for your pet, keep in mind the maximum weight limits, but also think about how you are going to be using the seat.

– Are you going on short journeys to the park or vet?
– Are you going on long journeys which your pet will want to lie down and sleep?
– Does your pet like to sit or lie down whilst travelling?
– Is your pet ‘petite and compact’ or ‘long and lean’ for their weight? Weight can be carried in many different ways!

As an example: the Medium Booster Seat is recommended for pets up to 5.5kgs. However if your 5kg pet is long and lean, likes to lie down whilst travelling or you are going on long journeys – then you might want to consider choosing a Large or Extra Large size.

We suggest folding up a towel or blanket to the base size of the booster seat you are looking at, sit your dog on top, and see what the space is like and if this will work for your pup.

Below we compare the features of the dog booster car seats that we stock.

Dog Booster seat comparison guide


Petsafe Pet Booster Seats:

(Medium, Large & Extra Large):

Petsafe Booster Seat Range

A seat with a view. The Petsafe Dog Booster Seats provide the ultimate ride for pampered pups.

Unique in its design, the Petsafe Booster Seats elevate pets off the car seat so they can watch the world go by, with no clumsy straps to impair their view or their comfort. Installs securely in one minute and even works in the back seat! Adjustable straps fit all bucket seats and back seats with headrests. The Booster Seats feature a padded interior and an internal harness attachment to create a secure ride for your dog. The internal liner removes for washing to keep the booster seat clean and fresh. Safety leash and storage pocket included.

Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes. See chart above for dimensions and weight limits.

Available in polyester oxford with fleece liner (standard version) or quilted micro-suede with quilted plaid liner (deluxe version). Medium size only available in standard fabric.

Formerly Solvit™ brand – Packaging may vary

Petsafe Jumbo Safety Seat:

Petsafe on Seat Dog Booster Seats

Give your pup a safe ride with a view. The Petsafe Pet Safety Seat cradles your dog in comfort and security as you cruise down the road together.

The Pet Safety Seat utilises Safe-T-Core™ technology, a rigid internal structure that integrates with the vehicle seat belt to provide added security for your pet, and installs securely in one minute in the front or back seat. The design has been crash tested in a DOT-approved facility, and the included strength-rated safety tether has been tested to 2,000 lbs!

The Pet Safety Seat has a roomy, fully padded interior that gives your dog (or dogs!) room to relax. The inside floor of the basket is nine inches above the vehicle seat so pets can easily see out while travelling. And, unlike foam-based booster seats, the Pet Safety Seat will not trap odours; it cleans easily to stay looking and smelling fresh.

Formerly Solvit™ brand – Packaging may vary



Children are safest in the back seat, and that goes for our furry kids too (even more so if your car is fitted with front airbags). You may miss your pet’s company up front, but you’ll travel easier knowing the rear of your vehicle provides the most protection against impact, especially in a restraint designed just for them.

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