Dogs and Kids

Dogs and Kids

Pets are an integral part of our lives as Australians. In fact over 80% of Australians have an animal companion at some period in their life. Pets are important in children’s lives both for the enjoyment that they bring now as well as the role rehearsal for future adult activities. (source: PIAS)

Owning a dog can be a wonderful experience and pet ownership can benefit family life and health in so many ways.

Some golden rules when dealing with dogs
– Always supervise children around dogs
– Ensure your dog has the opportunity to socialise safely with children
– Choose a breed that has a good reputation with children
– Ensure your dog is under your control by properly training it to “sit”, “stay”, “drop” and “come”.
– Let dogs eat without interruption
– Avoid cornering a dog – this can provoke a “fight or flight” response
– Provide the dog with a bed that is separated from noisy, high activity areas.
– Do not wake a dog suddenly – this may give them a fright and prompt an aggressive response
– Remove your dog from excitable environments – especially children’s parties where it may become over excited or aggressive

Educate your family
– to be calm, respectful and gentle around dogs
– to steer clear of a dog when it’s eating, tied up, sleeping or growling
– to stand very still if a dog runs at them
– to always ask “May I please pat and play?”

From the moment a child begins to crawl they investigate everything around them.  Your dog’s water bowl is a typical target. So how do you child proof a dog bowl?

To stop your water bowl from accidentally being knocked over, tipped over, splashed in, stepped in and kicked around the floor then you ensure you are using the Road Refresher non spill water bowl. Wet, messy, dirty, slippery and dangerous floors are a thing of the past.

Dogs need an ample supply of cool, clean water at all times, especially in the warmer months. Young children, babies and infants are able to drown in just a few inches of water. To help reduce the risk of drowning in large drinking containers, replace them with a Road Refresher water bowl.

The Road Refresher has the award winning aqua flow system inside which feeds enough water through for your pet to drink, yet immediately restricts the flow of water when the bowl is knocked or kicked. Velcro on the base of the bowl allows the bowl to be fixed anywhere.


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