Do you live in the Northern Territory and you’re looking for a change of scene from your regular park, or maybe you are just visiting and you want to find the best places to take your dog?

Simply click on the link below to find out all the information you need on places to go in Darwin.

Off Leash Parks in Darwin (This link will take you to the Darwin Local Council website)

Dog parks offer great benefits for owner and dog alike:

– For dogs, they offer the freedom of running without constraint, allowing them to play, sniff, chase, roll and romp to their heart’s content. Many problems such as digging and barking arise because dogs are restless and bored. Often, these problems can be solved simply by giving dogs more exercise.

– For dog owners they offer a great chance to get some exercise, contribute to your own health and well-being, and meet other dog owners.

Leash Free areas are designed to allow pet owners to exercise their dogs without a leash in an open environment where they are not likely to impact on other recreational area users. Please remember that owners are still required to be able to control their dog before releasing them for exercise and they must clean up after their animals immediately.