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Here at DogCulture we have been helping to create new adventures since 2013!
More than ever before pets are becoming a part of our everyday activities and holidays and naturally you want the very best for them. At DogCulture we know how important it is for your pet to be comfortable, safe and stylish while travelling and at home. Our range of pet accessories are perfect for active dogs and pets that travel – living life beyond the front gate!



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At DogCulture Australia we feature a huge range of pet travel accessories and car safety products including: Car Harnesses, Seat Belt Attachments, Dog Car Restraints, Headrest Restraints, Bench & Hammock Car Seat Covers & Protectors, Half Seat Rear Car Protectors, Waterproof Car Seat Covers, Cargo Liners, Bumper Protectors, Car Door Guards, Pet Booster Seats and Pet Car Barriers. Plus Non-spill Pet Travel Bowls, Dog Cooling Coats & Mats, Travel Beds,  Interactive Toys & Snuffle Mats, Water Amphibious Toys, Doggy Swim Towels, Doggy Sunscreen, Collars & Leads, Dog Rocks, Long Training Leads and much more!