Doggy Anchor – Dual Purpose Beach Bag / Anchor Bag

Doggy Anchor – Dual Purpose Beach Bag / Anchor Bag


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Doggy Anchor is a dual purpose beach bag, made from RPET material.

Big enough to carry all your beach gear, then turns into a heavy duty sand bag that holds up to 30kg of sand, with a reinforced Anchor point to secure your Doggy Anchor double ended leash to.

Keeps your dog safe and still, while you enjoy your hands free freedom!!

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Doggy Anchor – Dual Purpose Beach Bag / Anchor Bag

The innovative Doggy Anchor is a dual purpose beach bag/sand bag that was designed here in Australia.

The Doggy Anchor bag holds all your beach gear, and once you’re there, it transforms into an anchor to secure the dog. It keeps your fur baby safe, while you enjoy the beach without the added stress of keeping them on leash and compromising your fun day out!

The idea was developed by an Aussie mum with two kids, who was left to carry all the beach gear PLUS hanging onto the dog leash! The Doggy Anchor was created as a way to solve two problems in one easy, stylish beach bag.

The Doggy Anchor bag is all you need when going to the beach.

Product Features:

  • 100% RPET material
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy duty material
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Anchor point for dog leash
  • Side pockets for water bottle, and valuables
  • RPET dog leash included (length 108cm)
  • Can hold up to 30kg of sand
  • Easy shake off material that won’t hold sand
  • Can roll down flat for storage
  • Approximately 55cm(H) x 55cm(W)
  • Easy to clean.

Material composition:

Made from 100% RPET (recycled PET- polyethylene terephthalate plastic that is used to make packaging, such as plastic bottles.) 1 Doggy Anchor is created using 20 discarded PET bottles that were on their way to landfill, or worse, end up in the ocean!

Please note:
Doggy Anchor is NOT designed as a long term tether for your dog. Please always keep constant supervision of your pet and never leave your dog unattended where you cannot have a clear visual on them. Be a responsible dog owner at all times.

How to use:

Doggy Anchor_Step 1

After you have emptied the bag of your beach contents, fill bag with wet or dry sand. For larger dogs, fill bag to the top, for smaller dogs, you may fill with less sand as needed. Doggy Anchor can hold up to 30kg of sand. Pull drawstrings closed to avoid spilling.



Doggy Anchor_Step 2

The reinforced stitching has been manufacturer tested. It is strong, won’t tear, and your leash is double ended, so the clip that is used as the “handle” end, becomes the clip you use to attach to the d-ring.



Doggy Anchor_Step 3

The best part, hands free! Your dog is safely secured to the anchor point, while you take a quick dip, reapply sunblock, set up umbrellas etc.



When you’re ready to head home, simply empty out the bag, the material shakes off without sand being captured in the weave, with an added bonus of it being 100% waterproof! All your wet towels, wetsuits etc can be popped back inside and thrown in the back of the car without any leaking.


How much weight can a Doggy Anchor hold?

The Doggy Anchor has been put through a manufacturer testing lab, where over 30kgs of weight is placed inside the bag, then held up by the “anchor point”. The bag is then shaken over 400 times to test the durability and strength of the reinforced stitching and structure of the bag.

Large dogs up to 30kgs can be comfortably held secure by the Doggy Anchor. However, this is not to say that even larger dogs cannot get the same security from the bag.

The Doggy Anchor is designed to act also as a deterrent for your dog. If your dog is lead trained, the resistance felt when pulling from the anchor point, should be enough to convince your furry friend that they are to stay put, just like being held by their leash on walkies.

How do I clean and care for my Doggy Anchor?

Your Doggy Anchor is 100% waterproof and designed to not hold sand within the weave of the fabric. When emptying your bag once you are ready to pack up and head home, simply shake all excess sand out.

If your bag has become dirty, a cold hand wash, then laid out to dry inside is the best way to keep your Doggy Anchor looking its best. You may also want to rinse any sand out of your Doggy Anchor leash clips to prevent sand build up. Always store your bag and leash dry.

Is the Doggy Anchor completely waterproof?

Yes! Your Doggy Anchor bag is the perfect dual use bag. Once you have finished using your bag to keep your pooch secure, you can then fill it with all your wet towels, swimsuits, wetsuits etc and they will not leak into the back of your car for the ride home!

What is Doggy Anchor’s commitment to the environment?

The beach is our happy place, and we aim to do our part to protect it. By choosing to use RPET materials that have a significantly less impact on the environment, and to continue to provide products that are innovative and more sustainable, we believe we are taking a stand against single use plastics, and non recycled materials.

Doggy Anchor also aims to perform our own community beach clean ups, and help to encourage a community of consumers to rethink the products they purchase and to consider being more hands on in playing their part keeping our coast line cleaner.

Doggy Anchor_environment

Reduce: RPET reduces plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, oceans, or our backyards.

Reuse: RPET takes the material that already exists and gives it a second life, rather than using valuable energy and resources to produce a new raw material that cannot be recycled.

Recycle: By purchasing from companies that use RPET, you are showing your support by voting for change. You are using your money to support a business that is taking steps towards a more sustainable practice, and driving the demand for more businesses to take action.

**Be a responsible dog owner. Always keep a clear visual of your dog and make sure they can see you. Never leave your dog unattended, Doggy Anchor is not designed to “dog sit”. It is a tool to help you keep your dog safely on the leash while you have some hands freedom to take a quick dip, reapply sunblock, relax and read next to them, without the stress of them running off and remaining on leash. Always provide shade and water for your dog.**

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