K9 Cruiser Bowl, Non-Spill Dog Water Bowl

K9 Cruiser Bowl, Non-Spill Dog Water Bowl


If your dog travels with you in the car or ute or just likes to dig the water out of their water bowl at home, the Cruiser Bowl non-spill dog water bowl is the solution!

The K9 Cruiser bowl is uniquely designed to not spill in moving vehicles! How? The bowl has hollow walls and a deep centre that creates a vacuum-like suction that keeps up to 2.5 Litres of water within the walls and the bowl.

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K9 Cruiser Non-Spill Dog Water Bowl

The K9 Cruiser Bowl non-spill dog water bowl is all Australian designed and made.

The K9 Cruiser is designed to keep most of the water in the sides of the bowl and only allows a small amount of water to sit in the bottom of the bowl in the ‘central funnel’ part. This fantastic design not only stops water splashing out in your car it also keeps long ears dry, deters water play and limits beard dribble. The Cruiser bowl is perfect for playful puppies and dogs of all sizes.

If your dog travels with you in the car, ute, motorhome, truck, or boat the K9 Cruiser Bowl non-spill dog water bowl is the solution! The Cruiser bowl is uniquely designed to be anti spill in all moving vehicles.

A practical water bowl that allows your pets to stay hydrated, while virtually eliminating the risk of spillage.

The bowl is made from food grade UV resistant plastic for durability and both the lid and the base can be separated for easy cleaning.

The K9 Cruiser Bowl ensures your pet has constant fresh water all day. A perfect solution for ALL dog lovers.


  • Perfect for dogs who are messy drinkers or like to dig in the water bowl
  • Ideal for those who travel, perfect for Cars, Caravans & Utes
  • Great for keeping long ears dry
  • Easy to fill & clean
  • Helps stop water play.
  • Very durable
  • Keeps water cool and clean
  • Limits beard dribble and floor mess.


Available in five great colours!
Red, Blue, Sorbet Blue, Sorbet Green and Sorbet Pink


  • Diameter: approximately 14cm for your dogs snout to drink from.
  • Approximately 2.5 litres can be stored within the vacuum walls of the bowl.
  • The bowls are 21cm in circumference and 11cm high.

How does it work?

The water is stored within the vacuum of the side walls of the bowl. It maintains a consistent depth of water approximately 20mm high within the central drinking funnel.

You can take your bowl from your ‘back yard’ to your car or caravan with confidence, knowing that it will not spill.

The 2.5 litres of water stored in the bowl provides a substantial weight that inhibits the bowl from being upturned by even the most robust, playful dogs and puppies.

Even if the bowl is tipped over, the unique design of the bowl will ensure that any spillage is limited, with most of the water being retained within the vacuum of the bowl.


Proudly designed and made in Australia!

The K9 Cruiser Bowl was designed by Mark McPherson, a long-time pedigree dog enthusiast. While travelling across North Queensland to participate in different dog shows, he realised he needed something for his dogs to prevent dehydration and stress during long travels- a secure, convenient non-spill, self-watering bowl in which the animals can drink at their leisure eliminating any concerns of dehydration or wet gear.

The Cruiser Bowl has been used by professional dog breeders and handlers across Australia for over 20 years.  Additionally it is the water bowl of choice for the Australian Army Canine Unit, Australian Federal Police,  The Police Dog Squad,  Corrective Services Unit and the RAAF dogs amongst others

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