DOOG ‘The Seasonal Sticks’ – Dog Fetch Toys

DOOG ‘The Seasonal Sticks’ – Dog Fetch Toys


Safer for your dog than a real stick and a whole lot more fun, ‘The Sticks’ are a lovable family of dog fetch toys who are not only dog friendly but eco-friendly too.

This range of SEASONAL STICKS make great gifts for Christmas. They too float in water and have glow in the dark eyes making them the perfect stocking filler for your dog.

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The ‘Seasonal Sticks’ – Dog Fetch Toys

The Christmas edition, Sticks from DOOG are fun, interesting safe sticks full of Christmas cheer. You and your dog can still enjoy a good old game of fetch with a stick, but much safer without the dangers of a real stick.

The DOOG Xmas safe sticks are all made from recycled materials and float in the water, pleasing water loving dogs.

All of the safety sticks have glow in the dark eyes, making them visible for those after dark trips to the park. Each stick comes with a hand grip and rope, giving you something to hold when throwing it.

– Splinter Free
– Glow in the dark eyes
– Floats in water
– Built in rope and handy grip
– Made from recycled rubber

4 characters to collect:
– Elfstick – This is one very grumpy elf, see if you can cheer him up with a game of fetch (28cm length)
– Rudy Reindeer – The cheeky reindeer (28cm length)
– Sticklaus – Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Santa (28cm length)
– Twigfoot

Due to the recycled material they are made from, the Sticks will not withstand being chewed so please use for fetching only and do not leave your dog unsupervised with his sticky friend.

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