Petsafe Frosty Cone Freezer Toy – Treat Dispensing Toy


The Frosty Cone is a freezable toy which releases cool dog-safe treats.

Pet owners can put their dog’s favourite smearable treats (like peanut butter, broth or yogurt) in the bowl-shaped cavity and put in the freezer overnight.

The toy’s wobble design gives dogs an extra challenge and further helps extend playtime.

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Petsafe Frosty Cone Freezer Toy

Give your dog a cool treat anytime with the Frosty Cone Freezer Toy.

You can’t go wrong with this chilly, classic treat. Help your pup cool down and stay entertained with an ice cream cone designed just for him!

Fill and freeze this ice cream cone toy with dog-safe foods like nut butter, broth, meats and veggies. You can also try filling and freezing the cone with your dog’s wet food for a slow feed option he can savour.

The backside of the Frosty Cone is curved, allowing the toy to wobble for a more fun and engaging play experience.

The toy will extend playtime and act as a fun treat for your dog!


  • Cures boredom and relieves anxiety by keeping your dog busy and engaged
  • Fill with frozen snacks to keep your dog busy for 20–30 minutes of play
  • Cleans teeth and gums while chewing on grooves and crevices
  • French vanilla-scented rubber is BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe


Small: for dogs 3.6–14 kg;
Medium/Large: for dogs 14–36 kg

Beat the Heat with a Frozen Treat
After a day of fun in the sun, our furry friends crave frosty refreshment just like we do. The Frosty Cone Freezer Toy is the perfect way to cool down. Just fill a few of the cone shape toys with your dog’s favourite goodies and stack them in the freezer; your pup will be chilling out in no time.

Longer Lasting for More Licks
Frozen treats entice dogs to lick, meaning frozen treats often last longer than other treat types. Longer lasting treats mean your pup will stay occupied. The Frosty Cone offers a great distraction for anxious dogs and a rewarding outlet for energetic dogs who need extra enrichment.

Rounded for a Reason
The Frosty Cone isn’t just a fun shape – it’s a functional shape too. The curved shape allows multiple Frosty Cone toys to be filled with treats and stacked on top of one another in the freezer. That way you can save space in the fridge and have chilly treats on demand for your best bud! The rounded shape also makes the Frosty Cone wobble playfully on the floor as your dog licks at the treat, making a more challenging and engaging playtime experience.

Note: If your dog needs to reach the yummy treat faster, try trimming the snowflake points. Once the points are cut, there is no going back so we recommend trimming only a little at a time and then testing.

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