pet seat belt

  • Do you want your dog to travel safely in your vehicle? Are you worried that he might cause an accident if he is not secured? In the event of an any accident unsecured objects or pets can cause serious damage to the driver, other passengers in the vehicle or themselves. This adjustable pet seat belt attachment fits into most standard seat belt sockets and clips easily to your dog's harness or collar. (Please note: not suitable for the Volvo range of cars) It will stop your dog from straying into the front of the car distracting the driver or causing damage if you have to stop suddenly. - Attaches a dog harness to most standard seatbelt sockets. - Quick and easy to attach and release. - Quick release bolt snap hook easily attaches to a harness. - Adjusts 18-36" (49-61cm) Colours: Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Hot Pink    
  • Adjustable Black Dog Car Seat Belt Strap with a Stainless Steel Carabiner at one end and a Clip in Tongue for Seat Belt Buckle at the other (compatible with most makes of vehicle – not compatible with some older Volvo cars). To be used in conjunction with a Dog Harness – it will restrict a dog’s movement around a car and reduce distraction to the driver.